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This is the Page For the Best Comedy Gang Eva! The Kids in the Hall.

hot eh

     The Kids in the Hall aka Kith, are a Comedy troup from Canada (YAY), they are made up of 5 dudes;  Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch,  Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson.
     The Troup started in 1984 in Toronto. They were finally picked up by Lorne Michaels (He actully got Bruce and Mark writing jobs for SNL for a year).  Michaels helped them make a pilot for HBO, and then they soon had a show.  The troup had 5 seasons, running from 1989-1994. They decided to break up to go on to different projects.
      The name "Kids in the Hall" refers to Jack Benny. Jack Benny would sometimes take jokes from young writers who stood outside the studio; when he used one of their jokes he said, "This one's from one of the kids in the hall." They will now be known as the "Kids" for the most likely the rest of their lives.
     The Kids in the Hall did have women in their troupe; but they were continually woed away from the troupe for other projects. The guys felt doing skits only about "guy stuff" would be incredibly boring and limited, so they started playing the women roles themselves. On stage, the "woman" was designated by some prop - a red sweatshirt, for example - when they got their series, they realized they would have to make their "women" look and act more convincingly. Some people thought the whole troup was gay because they dressed up as women. Meh, what do people know, I think they are sexy as women (better as men), eh?
    The Kids have done some work together after the end of their show.  They made a movie, Brain Candy, a lot of people had mixed feelings about the movie.  It really didn't do so well in the box office, but now it is selling well.  There's also a lot of drama that goes along with the movie.  I'm not going to go into it because well I'd like not to think about it.
    The Kids halve also done two tours since then.  Both after 2000, there's Same Guys New Dresses and Tour of Duty. You can buy both of these on DVD.  Tour of Duty is just sktches, but SGND is a "Road Movie." both are great.  With SGND you get a feel to how the troup really works.  And there are also commentaries with Andy Richter, Mike Myers, Jason Priedtley, Trey Parker and Matt Stone (w00t).
   Hmm I feel as though I'm missing something... Well if you think I'm missing something just tell me.

Dave Foley

Bruce McCulloch

Kevin McDonald

Mark McKinney

Scott Thompson