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Bryans page

This is a page for my dear friend Bryan... I mainly started this page because his mom heard a deali-o on KYGO.... Now I'm known for not really standing up for my country... but this hit a spot for me...

I saw you there
Your long brown hair
Falling on your face the way it used to fall on mine
At one time
A long time ago
I still remember everything you said to me that night

It's too bad and it's too late
You were such a big mistake
Please don't call here anymore
I used to miss you

There's no surfin Colorado anyway
And it's a shame to hear you're happy and you still look at me that way
There's no surfin Colorado anyway, yeah
She never waved to me or said "good Bye"
One night she just left me and her behind

There she goes
And no one knows
What she does to my heart, still, she'll never know
How we speak
Across the room
Eye to eye she's holding him, holding me soon

It's too bad and it's too late
Was it such a big mistake?
You don't call me anymore
And I still miss you


Remember the first time
God Damn we got so high
She held me so close that I thought that I might break
And know she's a mile high
And I'm on Texas time
She traded rattlesnakes for bunny runs in Colorado Springs

Kelly, Jonathan, and Mudflap:

I sat and cried for over an hour listening to your broadcast from the USS Ronald Reagan. It was an inspirational and moving time for me. My son joined the Navy in July of this year and is now home on leave until next Friday. He will then become a part of the crew on the USS Shreveport based out of Norfolk, Virginia. My son is 19 years old and had no idea what he really wanted to do with his life so he thought the Navy might bring some direction to him. In the few months he has been a part of the Navy, I can see some major changes in him---ones I am proud to say are positive changes. Bryan has pride in himself and in the Navy. He walks different and is looking toward the future, not just for the moment. I am very proud of my son.

While listening to your broadcast with sailors from Colorado, I could hear the same pride I hear in my sons voice. It takes a lot to be away from friends and family for extended periods of time. Bryan continually mentions John Michael Montgomerys song, Letters from Home and how it truly applies to people in the armed forces. We sent oodles of letters, cards, and pictures to him and will do so again when he takes off next week. It really is important for them to know they are supported and loved. It has been very moving when we have been out in public with my son (while in uniform) to have many people come up, pat him on the shoulder, shake his hand, and sincerely thank him for serving for our country.

I want to thank you for taking the time and effort to put this on. I hope you can do something similar for the other branches of the military because I am sure it would mean the same to them to know we all support, care, and appreciate their efforts. You truly deserve the awards you have received. Your efforts have made my son a recent convert to country music, but is now a lifelong fan.

With sincere thanks,

Cathy Petersen

Nicely put Mrs. Peterson... to make me feel "proud" to be an "American" well that takes a lot... and you did it... 10 points for you!

Hope you're not sexin it up to much with your girlfriend ;-D