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This is just the old shit from my home page

oo*"            "*o.o*"        "*o.
o                       o                       *o
.o                        o                         'o
o                          o                           o.
o                           o                             o
o                           \o/                          o
o                          --0--                         o
o.                          /o\                          o      
o                            o                             o
o                            o                            o
o                            o                         oo
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'ooo.                   oo.                  ooo
o ""oo,,         ,,oO-'Oo,       ,,,,,oo"o
o.          """"""    oo        """""   o
'o                      oo                      o'
o                      oo                     o
'o                      o                     o*
o                      o                    o
o                      o                   o
o                     o                  o
o                     o                  o
o                     o                  o
HAHAHA I'm mooning you!
My mom sent this to me...

Originally posted by HecubusEVIL

Still upset, you made me cry captain. Crying or Very sad seriously. And I've never even meet you, I consider everyone here a friend. I've gotten to know you all so well... Or so I believe. If anything should happen to anyone... This forum'd be a lesser place.

sorry if i made u upset... i've been really upset myself lately. but i've been feeling better and i'm trying to be optimistic, and i'll definitely keep u guys updated. And i'm sorry that so many of u are also sick or down, i know the feeling trust me. I hope that everything will turn out ok for everyone. and i just have to say that u guys (even tho i've never met any of u) that u are some of the best ppl i've ever met, everyone in here is so nice and friendly... and wouldn't it be cool if some of us could meet someday???? that would be soooo cool cuz we would have so much in common, it'd be pretty sweet i think Smile
there is so much love on my Kith Forum

Bush or Kerry?
 36%  [ 4 ]
 63%  [ 7 ]

Total Votes : 11

test on my Kith Forum... glad to see that there aren't to many bush fans... To see what we are talking about

I'm thinking when I find the time I'm going to add a quote page... just as soon as I start my Kith Website too... ok so it wont be happening soon... You know what pisses me off... I think of all these great things to put on my page (while I'm swimming) and then I forget. Oh... so I watched two movies last night. Bowling For Columbine, and Butterfly Effect.  I loved BFC, and wasn't to found of BE. BFC hit close to home... made me think of all the crap that happened back then... and well BE I was upset with the ending... I thought everyone should have been sad and jazz... Meh...

Larry La Prise, the man who wrote "The Hokey Pokey", died peacefully at age of 93.
The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin.  They put his left leg in. And then the trouble started.

Today I was thinking of things I could put on my website, or things I could say... and relized that I really can't put anything that I think on this website... Because it is either really sick and twisted... or just a little to personal and for those of you who do read you really wouldn't want to know... Meh... so I decided that I will save you the gross stuff... most the time...

Ok so last night I went to dinner with Tina's family, His brothers were great... Dewey "It looks like a garden farted that" and Bob "A dildo is just a plastic piece of fruit that never dies..." Awe that made my night, so thank you guys... So I haven't been sleeping well lately which scares me... but this last night I slept great... thanks to the aid of some stuff but still... But this morning I missed class, I woke up at 8, and my class starts at 8 I was pissed... then went back to bed. But I had a crazy dream. I dreamt that I was dating Matt Stone, hahaha wow... I also dreamt that I was dating someone else... but yeah I'm not saying names... but he went on a bike ride with me and my family and Johnny Deep was there too... WHAT THE FUCK?!?

See Shawn of the Dead... unless you are a girly girl, because that means you like girly girl movies... and there for you have no taste in movies. Thank you!

I was trying to think of something cool to write here... I just really had the need to write something here... So yesterday at work... a lot of people told me about their problems... Bladder Problems... and more... I also spent a lot of time in the Depends section... there are a lot of great deals on them right now, so if you need "protection" go to Walgreens... I was also very upset that I didn't get to face the condoms.  I got into a fight with cotton swaps... they wouldn't go where I wanted them to go.  Oh and some lady seemed like she wanted me to hook up with her son (odd).  I think my boss thinks I'm speacial... which I am but that's not the point... I was standing in Photo and doing nothing... well I was laughing to myself and he just thought that I was a looney.. the only thing he could say to me after that was "Letter's to Wendys?" which is the book I'm reading in which I had read a quote to him earlier..."I wonder what 'beauty' really is. I know that the little girl, Wendy , who is pictures on your cups and bags, is beautiful, and so is the green green descent into the valley. WIthin this descent, I can feel the overpowering order within which I am but temporary eccentricity, I'd like to spank Webdy's white ass and fuck her hard." Hahaha I know what you must be thinking... I want a 5 piece chicken nugget... Well if you have a sick since of humor, you should read this book... if you don't find this type of thing funny, stay away from this book. So yes work was loads of fun yesterday.

I got my Stephen Lynch DVD last night... I was so happy I could have peed my pants... but I didn't I just ran around the Appartment, doing a little dance...

I was told my photo's were down... so I think I fixed it

So last night I was holding a lot of pickles (swim pickles) and well I put them around "Coach" Jakes head... and after thinking about it I was really upset about not saying "I crown you King of the Pickle People." if you do not find amusment out of this watch the part in Batman when Vicky Vale and Knox are walking threw Bruces House and looking at the statues(sp) than you will get it.

Bring back Conan on Comedy Central

Monday 9/13/2004: I'm watching "Tough Crowd" right now, and am on cloud nine because Scott Thompson is on, talking about how wrestlers have big muscles but small balls, so great! I swam in a lake today, good fun, the spiders were everywhere, but i didn't get hit in the back by a flying fish.  Oh and the water was so gross.I went camping this weekend... but 5 miles from my apartment... my car broke down, and we had to tow it.  But that doesn't matter, because we still went camping and still had a blast.

So Stephen Lynch will be in Colorado on October 23, i will be in New Mexico.... Green Day, New Found Glory, and Suger Cult will be here on November 12... I will be in IN... why the hell do they do this to me...

(saw this in Kaities profile and liked it)Wisdom of Amber: Boys are dumb. I hope you get you one of them, because even though they are dumb they are all the rage these days. Yes that's right, from Paris to Milan boys are what all the popular girls are wearing on their arms. But don't just go out and find yourself an every day cheap wholesale guy! No no no, style and quality count when it comes to this all important accessory. You need one that will go with your eyes and will make your friends drool in awe.

Meh, you know how you know it's going to be a long week... well welcome the longest week of my life... no I really don't know. So today (Tuesday September 21, 2004) I found out that I can no longer go to the Stephen Lynch Concert... stupid swimming (sometimes I wonder why I still try to do the sport, when it seems to be getting me nowhere---GOD DAMIT STOP THINKING LIKE THIS--- sorry I'm not to happy that I'm fat, slow and out of shape. My mind set is nowhere where it needs to be... and everyday I keep telling myself to push myself harder... but do I sometimes yes... Take for example today our last set was all a mind game set... sure I did ok... but I can do so much better... is this how I'm going to live my whole life... "Oh I did ok in life, but I know I could have done better...") Well, on a lighter note, I bought Green Day's "American Idiot" was a geekgasm... so far my favorite songs are "American Idiot," "Jesus of Suburbia" Part 2 and 3 of that song are great... But right now "Wake me up when september ends" is the best song... most likely because it hits so close to home... but lets not get into that.... Well you all have a great day... back to the books.

Bring back Conan on Comedy Central

Ok so I have added more pictures to my site, YAY! Get the link on my Picture Page

As you can see in my "What's New" colum thingy, I went camping... it was a blast.  My car did break down but we still had a hella good time.  We played Truth of Truth ("so my choices are Truth... I'll take the Chicken") and well although some of us got butt hurt, it wasn't that bad.  I think we all found out to much about eachother... 21 times in a week, AHHH! Anywho, to those who cried that night.. There is no CRYING in the mountains... I thought people knew this. I'm just really happy that we had a good time without drinking.

Ok, so someone actually e-mailed/ IMed me about my site... and Tom I'm so sorry I left you out, and Kuntucky, and Chris, the the bowling nights (hella lot of fun) and most of all I'm sorry I forgot about the great "Shocker", oh lord what am I talking about...
So if anyone else doesn't like my website or is feeling left out just im/ e-mail me!

I'm Fucking your mom