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me and foley are just a like

Oh can't you tell I'm so on top of things.  Here's the deal, I'm going to have a new post on my Blog, and if you have the time check out this website, I know it may seem like a lot to give, but what ever you give will help.  The profession I'm going into is dying just like this one.  All we have to do is give a little. 

Music Lives

It's a picture of someone who jumped off a building and tried to kill himself, his insides ended up on his outsides


Everyone else has had more sex than me

la la he la la who click me


So I decided to do something and Change my website up a little bit... Hope you enjoy... almost every page has been changed.

Yeah so it's been a while since I have even looked at my website... I should work on it some more.
So I went and saw an interesting movie last night.  I went with some buddies from work, and we saw "Million Dollar Baby." It was a hella good movie, just a litttle depressing at the end.  Man I wish I could fight like that though.
Well... yeah that's about it on my part.

So Merry Christmas everyone, hope you had a good one, I know I did (even though I worked).  I just wanted to wish you that and tell you that there are new Swim Team photos, and if you really want to see there are some random photos, in the Random photo book.  Well... if you wanna hear about my Christmas or any of that jazz check my Blog... maybe I'll post.

I have finally done it! I have added my Kids in the Hall Pages!

Click here to see some funny photos

So it has been awhile, but in Christmas Spirt, me and some girls made up a song...
The Twelve Days of Sex
12. Blisters Popping
11. Sermies swimming
10. Crotchless panties
9. Salty Mouthfuls
8. Minutes Strong
7. Beds a Bouncin'
6. Squirting Juices
4. Raising Cocks
3. Entrances
2. Sagging Balls
1. Condom with Banana Lube
Hope you enjoyed...

There are pictures from Indy up... but I haven't put the link up yet... oh and there's a nice photo of Brittni in the random Folder hehehe.

So I was told that my website is scary... Muhahahaha... that is great! be afraid be very afraid.  Hahaha I'm kidding... I don't mean to scare you guys... it's just me... well back to my corn chips, salsa and orange juice... WOOT

THERE ARE WORLD CHAMIONSHIPS FOR KAYAK POLO!!!! WHERE THE FUCK WAS I WHEN THIS HAPPENED... oh by the way the US sucks at Kayak Polo, even Britain beat us... and Canada WOOHOO GO CANADA!!

atali: painfully awkward says: oh and about the neck thing, yeah, i look worse than allison did

It's still too early to tell, but I may not be stupid. says: on my god

atali: painfully awkward says: yeah and i gotta go play waterpolo tomorrow

atali: painfully awkward says: its gonna be embarassing

atali: painfully awkward says: i can only blame so much on suit burn

It's still too early to tell, but I may not be stupid. says: who was the lucky guy... did you let him sign it?


"America's a very prudish country. Things that have no impact anywhere else in the world can cause huge upheavals here. Canadians have neither the far nor the idolatry of sex Americans have. In America, they figure (Kids In The Hall) were all gay anyway. If they weren't why would they hang out with a gay guy, and why would they kiss each other and wear dresses?"  ~Dave Foley

BerthaFattySue (6:58:51 PM): Your eyes, your smile
Made my little life worthwhile.
There's was nothing I couldn't do
When I was on top of you.
billthehippyhobo (6:59:26 PM): when were u on top of me?
BerthaFattySue (6:59:48 PM): you don't remember
billthehippyhobo (7:00:05 PM): man, only in my dreams do i htink that would happen
BerthaFattySue (7:00:17 PM): hahaha
BerthaFattySue (7:02:07 PM): Sometimes, the world is black.
And tears run from your eyes.
And maybe we'll all get really sick.
And maybe we'll all die.
Let's build a snowman!
We can make him our best friend.
We can name him Tom or we can name him George!
We can make him tall, or we can make him not so tall.
billthehippyhobo (7:02:36 PM): nice
BerthaFattySue (7:03:25 PM): so i'm talking notes on ddt
BerthaFattySue (7:04:16 PM): and well it has longer term effects on human and animals... but silly nikki said that ddt had long term effects on humans and snowmen...

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What's New?

Sunday 7/31/2005 Just bought tix to Alice Cooper, sweet eh!
Thursday 3/17/2005 HAPPY ST PATTY's day!!! Now all I need is a beer in my habd and it would be a holiday
Wednesday 10/13/2004: WOW yesterday was a crazy day... The memeries were kicked... Went to Jamba Juice... hella good...saw Greg, John, Katy, Gineve, Bryan and Pavel... hella cool... sorry Bryan that i didn't stay longer... meh... Oh i also got a hella lot of drugs.
Sunday 10/10/2004: "Swimmers and water polo players are great lovers, because of their strong hipflexors and abdominal muscles that give them high stamina and help maintain a very enjoyable rythm which makes them good in bed."
                          ~Playboy Magazine~
I'm watching Celb Poker and Stephen Root is on... seeing him and Dave Foley together is almost as good as seeing kith together... it sends that warm fuzzy feeling alover my body... and damn do i wish i was Stephen when they hugged
Wednesday 10/6/2004:  My teacher told me that we should be as save as possible... but shit happens... woohooHmm forgot to say this... I'm the bear of the week for swimming >>dunno I think I'm sucking it up but hey<< Oh tongiht Greg is coming. ^_^
Monday 10/4/2004: AHHH it wont let me on my Kith Forum...
Thursday 9/30/2004: I've to relize two things today... well maybe three... I suck at swimming & school (that's one), that I'm ass... And I have a really bad since of humor... in which no one understands me or they just smile and nod... I'm learning to deal with some of these... like being an ass and such... MEH
Monday 9/27/2004: I was riding my bike today and saw the cutest little girl... I smiled and hoped to get a smile in return... But no she did not return my fack smile... She had the devil in her eyes... i was really afraid, who the hell lets demand children out at 815 in the morning.
Sunday 9/19/2004: Long awaited girls night out... Oh the bread!
Thursday 9/16/2004: HA no hang over, who said wine gave you a bad hang over... full bottle and I'm still trucking. I HAVE A DATE!!
Wednesday 9/15/2004: So my car is fixed, I fucked up and forgot to take a test online (pissed), and I have a court date today, not looking like a good day... I wanna cry.

Daddy Drinks because you CRY!