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Whats Cookin in Nikki's Life
Wednesday, 2 November 2005
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: teacher talking
Ok, so school, swimming, and work are kicking my butt. But anywho i went to a Paul McCartney last night, it's my 4th concert in about 2 months, sweet back in a few

Posted by Nikki at 2:23 PM EST
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Monday, 30 May 2005
Mood:  hungry
Now Playing: Candy Shop
Hahaha, so you can tell I've been all over this blog like a fat kid on a dough nut. Or more like a Anorexic kid on a dough nut. Hehehe, OK that was bad. Anywho not much has been up here, just working, and trying to sleep. Oh, Oh, Some really cool guy (Ryan) got me the first and second season of News Radio, I was so flippin happy. Oh We got the keys to then new house, I've kinda started to move in. yeah fun stuff, anywho thats all for now.

Take Luck,

Posted by Nikki at 1:35 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 23 March 2005
Mood:  party time!
Now Playing: nothing :(
So today is going to be a busy day. Right now I'm at home because my aunt is in town. But I had to go to an advising meeting for class. Then I'm here, next I go to the movies and then to a party with my buds. So I must confess, I have a couple crushs now. Two are old friends and then theres Spincer and Colin (damn those PE boys).

Posted by Nikki at 7:21 PM EST
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Tuesday, 22 March 2005
Mood:  crushed out
Now Playing: I'm watching go
So not a lot new has happened. Umm Back at school, isn't that fucking great. OH oH I went out with my friend Scott... Awe I used to have a huge crush on him, so that was fun. We talked for like 2 hours in my car. And yes that's all we did was talk.
So yesterday in class I played Freeze tag, that's were you freeze when you're tagged, and someone has to crawl through your legs... there's nothing better then having the boy you like, or any hot boy crawl through your legs... I wanted to tell them to stay down there for a while... or maybe we could go back to my apparment. I'm kidding. Well that's it for me.
Take Luck,

Posted by Nikki at 9:58 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 22 March 2005 10:01 PM EST
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Thursday, 17 March 2005
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: Mercy To Go-The Odds
Awe it's spring break and I'm having the time of my life, ok maybe not but still, I'm having a good time. I've sat on my ass and played Tetris for about 10 hours now. So I was updating my website and thought I would do an entry. Oh I don't know if I told you but me and Tina are no longer together and he is so pissed at me right now. I guess I tried to Kiss him at a party. I think that I had to much to drink and don't remember, or he is making it up. That's what I told him, and he walked off. Woops. I had a crazy dream last night, that Atali came back to UNC. Awe those were the days. Well hope you have a good one, I'm going to go do homework (YAY).
Take Luck,

Posted by Nikki at 4:54 PM EST
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Sunday, 6 March 2005
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: Some 80's song
Oh my god, it's been more then a month. It's my goal to start posting more, I've just been mad at my computer. So lets see I don't know if I told ya all this, but I'm single. That didn't go so well, I think that Tina still hates me, but you know "in time." So swimming is over. We took first in our confrence, and I got two second places, one forth, and two firsts, I would have 3 but we got dqed (bastereds). SO I didn't go into work, I had... wait I might still have, a fever of 100.4... Now it's 99.8. Well if I think of anything else I'll post it. Take Luck Kids.
PS We had the swimmer shot party and it was great. I got ass (ass meaning I kissed the guy I liked):-)

Posted by Nikki at 4:02 PM EST
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Tuesday, 1 February 2005
I didn't even post last month
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: I walk alone Green Day
So yeah, I didn't post at all last month... I don't think. I got a TB test today, I hate needles, a lot of people don't believe me because I have 15 rings in my ear, but I fear them. Any who... I get my fingerprint test tomorrow. I have to pay for a shit load of stuff too... grr. Anywho talk to you all later.

Take Luck,

Posted by Nikki at 3:04 PM EST
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Tuesday, 11 January 2005
Can't help but think
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Raining Buddy Holy
Ok, so I'm sitting here drinking my tea, and doing homework. I'm reading about the Physical Education Hall of Shame. And it's talking about which games are in the Hall of Shame,Dogdeball, Duck Duck Goose, Giants, Elves, and Wizzards, Kickball, Musical Chairs, relay races, Steal the Bacon, Line soccer, Messy Back Yard,Red Rover, Simon Says, Spud, and tag. Now I don't know what half these games are, but the other half, I lived for these games. TAG... they say it is a bad game because of elimination. When I played tag there was no elimination. Anywho, reading this article has made me think, that the people/ kids of today are big fat babies. I will be slaming all my students with dodgeballs, and picking all the geeks to try and catch me when I'm playing Duck Duck Goose. Anywho I was just a little, I dunno, irratated(sp) from reading that. Well back to the books
Take Luck,
Ps I'll be posting about the Florida Trip sometime soon.

Posted by Nikki at 11:21 PM EST
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Sunday, 26 December 2004
Mood:  special
Now Playing: Merry Fucking Christmas~ Mr. G (South Park)
Merry Christmas all! Hope you all had a great day. Mine didn't start off so well. Did you know that Walgreens was the only store open on Christmas eve past 6 and on Christmas. I heard it a lot. I got stuck with the sucky shifts, 3-11:30 and 7-2. I got out early yesterday, but no lunch, and then today I got out late and only had a 15 minute lunch, fun times. But I got home and got to spend time with my family, I miss them. I got a lot of cool things too. Lots of DVD's and CD's. My brother got me Beatle Dolls (so freakin' cool). I finaly got a mouse for my computer, W00t!Oh, oh, oh, I got South Park PJ's. I was so happy about that... now since I worked on Christmas, I have a list of movies that I need to get. Passion of the Jew, Shawn of the Dead, Dodge Ball, Anchor Man... oh there is more, I know. But I got paid over 20 bucks and hour for Christmas.
Well Hope you all are having a good break.
Much Love,

Posted by Nikki at 1:03 AM EST
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Sunday, 5 December 2004
I'm a Bad Kid
Mood:  sharp
Now Playing: Growing on Me ~Darkness
So let the ass raping start... I have my first and I would say hardest final tomorrow and I'm going to fail. But it's ok, I'm starting to see that maybe college isn't for me. Oh but I'm a bad kid because I called sick into work today and so lied, I'm going to hell. I called in sick so I could study, and I don't think I'm ready enough. I just need a beark from Vietnam, and Nixon, FUCKING MacAurther >_< grr... that is another story for a later time. Well back to the books.
Take Luck,

Posted by Nikki at 9:21 PM EST
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